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This is a website for the Swedish band Havamal.

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Project Overview

The website for Havamal started off as a database project for the VetsWhoCode program. I decided to work with them to create a website, and devoted countless hours to learn, grow and improve my skills as a developer. Currently, the site is built with Next.JS, and I've included Emotion to use styled components. The site uses markdown now instead of NetlifyCMS as the blog portion for updates from the band. The first version of the site, built with the basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript was far too slow and clunky. I decided to learn more about Gatsby, and built the site with GatsbyJS and Tailwind CSS, with Sanity CMS for the blog component. When Gatsby updated to v3 I redesinged the website and maintained it through the updates to Gatsby v4 and above. With React 18, I wanted to migrate the site to Next.JS. The ease of this transition was surprising, and the site is now up and running with Next.JS, hosted by Vercel.

Needless to say, the band loves their website, and I am currently adding analytics so I can measure and track user journeys. That way I can improve the experience and provide more value to the band. As they grow in popularity, my goal is for the website to grow and offer additional value.

Tools Used

Styled Components
Netlify CMS
Google Analytics